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Thursday, 27 June 2013

RED AND GREY! New Release!



Surrey International Storytellers Award Winner

Christine Brant

Cursed into the form of a wolf by a sorceress, Connor escapes into the wilds 
where dreams of a woman in a red cloak haunt him.

 Bereft and alone after the death of her mother, Melody is plauged by nightmares. 
The only relief is the strange appearance of a grey wolf in her dreams. 

 Trevor the woodcutter is more than he appears. 
His purpose is to possess Melody for his malicious needs, at all costs.


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Connor believed he lived a relatively easy life until a sorceress transforms him into a wolf. Refusing to do her bidding, Connor escapes. He follows his intuition to travel far away, all the while fighting to keep his humanity from the wolf’s all-pervading instincts. Lost and alone, Connor’s dreams of a beautiful young woman who brings color back to his monochromatic existence.

Ever since her mother passed away, Melody Saltman has been plagued by nightmares. No night occurs without  fighting for her sanity, until one evening a beautiful grey wolf breaks into her dream to save her from the inky darkness. In this dreamtime, Melody and Connor discover that each is more than what they appear to one another.

Trevor has been watching Melody ever since she was a little girl, manipulating and maneuvering to have her as his own. When she agrees to him courting her, Trevor knows that he is close to realizing his return to full power as one of the Brotherhood. One way or another, he will have Melody.

When Melody discovers Connor is real, new questions about her past and her sanity come to the fore. How can it be possible to love a wolf, let alone spend the rest of her life with one, when Trevor is there for her? Can Connor become the man Melody needs in her life? More importantly, does he want to?

Cover art by Paula Stirland

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  1. Checking this one out, sounds like a good read. Love the cover.