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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dragons at World Fantasy (Thunder of Dragons v1i3)

Dark Dragon authors Karen Dales, author of the award winning series, The Chosen Chronicles, and Stephen B. Pearl, author of Nukekubi, will be at World Fanatsy November 1st to November 4th! They will be signing copies of their novels at our table in the dealer's room.

On Thursday, Nov 1st at 2pm. Stephen will be moderating the WHITHER THE DARK ARTS? Panel
"Psychic detectives were popular throughout much of the twentieth century, and in the 1960s the novels of Dennis Wheatley played heavily on the Black Mass and other occult practices. Do
psychic detectives still have “legs” in the technological world of the twentyfirst century? The overtly occult is more common in secondary worlds. Why is this? And will psychic detectives and the dark arts make a comeback?  Stephen Pearl (M), Richard Gavin, Derek Kunsken, David Sakmyster, Mark Teppo."
On Saturday, November 3rd at 1pm Karen will be on THE CHANGELING Panel.
"The idea of the fairy changeling is an old one, rooted in myth. Frong Le Fann's 'The Child Who Went with the Fairies' to more contemporary works such as Robert Aickman's 'Growing Boys,' Keith Donohue's 'The Stolen Child,' Kim Newman's 'The Gypsies in the Wood,' and Graham Joyce's 'Some Kind of Fairy Tale,' it has exerted a powerful influence on writers. The pane examines the changeling and its use in fantasy fiction. How does the changeling reveal the hallucinatory nature of what we call reality better than many other creatures (in that we can no longer believe what we see, or what we gave birth to?). What happens to us as readers when we develop more empathetic connections with the changeling 'monster' than with human characters. Jeffe Kennedy (M), Holly Black, Karen Dales, Graham Joyce, Sean Williams."
Copies of all our books will be available at our table. If you can't make it to World Fantasy, please make sure you pick up your copy of your favourites at http://darkdragonpublishing.com/books.html Books available in Trade Paperbacks, Kindles, Nooks, and epub at listed retailers at our website. We offer free shipping and handling within Canada and to the USA.

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